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The Captains record common Salish words, and then climb out of the Ross Hole valley. They then descend down to the East Fork of the Bitterroot River which runs north. At supper, the 33 members share parched corn, berries, and two grouse.

we Proceeded on Down the river which is 30 yds. wide shallow & Stoney. Crossing it Several times...

William Clark

East Fork Bitterroot River

Small, stoney creek with brown hill in background

took a Vocabiliary of the language litened our loads & packed up,
rained contd. untill 12 oClock

William Clark

East Fork Bitterroot River in Ross Hole

Small river in a wide valley on a rainy day

Crossed a Small river from the right we call Soon after Setting out, also a Small Creek from the North all three forks Comeing together below our Camp at which place the Mountains Close on each Side of the river

William Clark

East Fork Bitterroot River

River flowing into the mountains on a rainy day

we went over a Mountain about 7 miles and descended down the Mountain on a creek and Camped.

John Ordway

Sula Peak

Trail in dry Ponderosa forest and a very sunny day

found the country mountainous and poor

Patrick Gass

Bitterroot Mountains viewed from Sula Peak

Brown, barren hills with jagged peaks on the other side of the valley