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At Ross Hole, the Salish care for the weary travelers. They trade healthy horses for the Expedition's lame ones. Additional horses and animal skins are obtained for a few small trade goods and tobacco. The Indian women bring them food.

they Swaped to us Some of their good horses and took our worn out horses, and appeared to wish to help us as much as lay in their power. accommodated us with pack Saddles and chords by our giving them any Small article in return

John Ordway

Salish traders

Painting of Salish trading horses

Painting from a road side sign at Sula, Montana.

we assembled the Chiefs & warriers and Spoke to them
we made 4 Chiefs whome we gave meadels

William Clark


Young brave with eagle feather bonnet

This portrait was copyrighted by J.W. Britain of Kalispell, Montana in 1902. This is likely be a Kalispell (Flathead) Indian.

They Call themselves Eoote-lash-Schute and consist of 450 Lodges in all and divided into Several bands on the heads of Columbia river & Missouri...

William Clark