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The Expedition suffers as they climb over the divide between the Salmon and Bitterroot rivers. The day is cloudy with rain, sleet, and snow. At times they have to cut a road through the brush. They camp near the top cold, wet, and hungry.

We lay down and Slept, wet hungry and cold.

Joseph Whitehouse

This day we passed over emence hils and Some of the worst roade that ever horses passed

William Clark

Lost Trail Pass

Looking back on Lost Trail Pass

we Camped after a dissagreeable days march of only 11 miles with much fatigue and hunger as nothing has been killed this day only 2 or 3 fessents, and have no meat of any kind.

Joseph Whitehouse

Female blue grouse, Dendragapus obscurus

Gray and brown bird about the size of a chicken

Photo created by the U.S. National Park Service.

Angelica within the Rocky mountains in moist places Jun: 25th 1806? The flowering one taken in Septb 3d 1805.

Meriwether Lewis

Angelica, Angelica sp.

Plant with multiple white umbels