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The trail along the North Fork Salmon River in present Idaho degrades forcing the horses through brush, along rocky side hills, and through a 'dismal' swamp. Two horses give out and another is crippled. They only make 8 miles.

Several horses fell, Some turned over, and others Sliped down Steep hill Sides,
one horse Crippeled & 2 gave out.

William Clark

North Fork Salmon River

Steep rocky slope with steep hills behind

The Mountains that lies on both sides of this Creek are very steep & high; the bottoms of this creek narrow & swampey.... We named this place Dismal swamp...

Joseph Whitehouse

The Dismal Swamp

Swampy valley between high high hills

the way we had to go was verry bad Some places thick bushes and logs to pass over. other places rockey.

John Ordway

North Fork Salmon River

Thick brush, forest, and fallen trees

nothing killed this day by the hunters only a fiew fessents.

John Ordway

Male blue grouse, Dendragapus obscurus

Dark bird with bright patch on side. It looks much like a modern chicken

Photo created by the U.S. National Park Service.

a small growth only rising to the hight of 15 feet moist situations it seems to prefer. it is a hansome growth.—

Meriwether Lewis

Cascade mountain-ash, Sorbus scopulina

mall berry-like orange fruits hanging from branches