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After a fine morning, trading for horses concludes. The men load the cargo and head north towards the Salmon River. They are joined by a Shoshone guide, Old Toby, and three of his sons. They camp near present Baker, Idaho.

From the journals...

We remained here all day, and in the evening the whole of the corps came down within a mile of our camp, and remained there all night, being a good place for grass.

Patrick Gass

Lemhi River

Lemhi River and valley

I Gave my Fuzee to one of the men & Sold his musket for a horse which Completed us to 29 total horses, we Purchased pack Cords Made Saddles & Set out on our rout down the river by land guided by my old guide one other who joined him, the old gude's 3 Sons followed him

William Clark

Short musket

Musket with a short barrel

Provided by Hog Heaven Muzzle Loaders.