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Lewis pays the Shoshone women who carried their cargo over Lemhi pass, hoists the flag, and begins trading for more horses to carry their cargo to the Pacific ocean. Several men hunt as game is scarce and stomachs tight.

From the journals...

There is a kind of wild sage or hyssop, as high as a man's head, full of branches and leaves, which grows in these bottoms, with shrubs of different kinds.

Patrick Gass

Big sagebrush, Artemisia tridentata

Big sagebrush bush as described by Patrick Gass

we hoisted the large flag Capt. Lewis gave one to the head chief and one to the next. the [Indians] hoisted them also. Capt. Lewis Settled & paid off the Indian women who helped us over the divideing mountain, then began to trade with the natives for horses.

John Ordway

15-star flag

15-star flag blowing in the breeze