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At Camp Fortunate, the men sink the canoes in case they are needed on their return trip. Clark determines that the Salmon River is not navigable by canoe or horse. Both parties run low on meat and must hunt.

From the journals...

We proceeded down the river through dreadful narrows, where the rocks were in some places breast high, and no path or trail of any kind.

Patrick Gass

Salmon River

Salmon River at a narrow spot between hills

I also laid up the canoes this morning in a pond near the forks; sunk them in the water and weighted them down with stone, after taking out the plugs of the gage holes in their bottoms; hoping by his means to guard against both the effects of high water, and that of the fire which is frequently kindled in these plains by the natives.

Meriwether Lewis

Dugout canoes with gauge holes

Inside view of a dugout canoe