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Clark travels down the Lemhi River and then the south fork of the Salmon viewing various Shoshone fishing methods. At Camp Fortunate, Lewis is reminded of the coming winter when his ink freezes and a heavy white frost covers the ground.

We travelled 20 miles this day, and encamped at a place where the mountains come close to the river.

Patrick Gass

Daybreak on the Salmon River

Salmon River in early morning light

the mockerson is formed with one seem on the outer edge of the foot is cut open at the instep to admit the foot and sewed up behind. in this rispect they are the same with the Mandans.

Meriwether Lewis

Side-seam Moccasins

mocassins with stitching circling the sides of the foot

the warriors or such as esteem themselves brave men wear collars made of the claws of the brown bear which are also esteemed of great value and are preserved with great care. these claws are ornamented with beads about the thick end near which they are peirced through their sides and strung on a throng of dressed leather and tyed about the neck commonly with the upper edge of the tallon next the breast or neck but sometimes are reversed.

Meriwether Lewis

Bear claws

Small bear claws with holes drilled in them

Photo courtesy of Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 3062.

the sweet sented grass which grows very abundant on this river is either twisted or plaited and woarn around the neck in ether sex, but most commonly by the men.

Meriwether Lewis

Native American Peigan, Big Mouth Spring

Historic photo of an Indian brave

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1910.