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Lewis buries a cache of cargo while keeping out of sight of the Shoshone staying with them at Camp Fortunate. The men continue making pack saddles, and the Shoshone women help them sew. Clark reaches the Lemhi villages.

Captain Clarke and our party proceeded down the river with our guide, through a valley about 4 miles wide, of a rich soil, but almost without timber.— There are high mountains on both sides, with some pine trees on them.

Patrick Gass

Lemhi River Valley

Green bottoms and snow-covered mountains of the Lemhi River Valley near Salmon, Idaho

I was introduced into the only Lodge they had which was pitched in the Center for my party all the other Lodges made of bushes, after a fiew Indian Seremonies I informed the Indians the object of our journey our good intention towards them my consern for their distressed Situation, what we had done for them in makeing a piece with the Minitarras Mandans Rickara &c. for them

William Clark


White, canvas teepee

Drewyer went in search of his trap which a beaver had taken off last night; he found the beaver dead with the trap to his foot about 2 miles below the place he had set it. this beaver constituted the whole of the game taken today.

Meriwether Lewis

Beaver traps

Steel beaver trap on a beaver hide

Items provided by Hog Heaven Muzzle Loaders.

this robe forms a garment in the day and constitutes their only covering at night. with these people the robe is formed most commonly of the skins of Antelope, Bighorn, or deer, dressed with the hair on, tho' they prefer the buffaloe when they can procure them.

Meriwether Lewis

Buffalo hide with winter hair

large tanned buffalo hide with winter hair

the summer robes of both sexes are also frequently made of the Elk's skin dressed without the hair.

Meriwether Lewis

Brain-tanned elk hide

Tanned elk hide

their only thread used on this or any other occasion is the sinews taken from the back and loins of the deer Elk buffaloe &c.

Meriwether Lewis

Sinew and needle

Sinew and sinew strands used as thread