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The morning is frosty. At Camp Fortunate, the men fish, hunt, and dress skins to make leggings and moccasins. Clark, Charbonneau, and Sacagawea and a group of Shoshone cross the continental divide camping at Pattee Creek in present Idaho.

From the journals...

the Indians with us we wer oblige to feed— one man met me with a mule & Spanish Saddle to ride, I gave him a wistoat    a mule is considered a of great value among those people    we proceeded on over a verry mountanious Countrey across the head of hollows & Springs

William Clark

Looking northwest from Lemhi Pass

Barren hills viewed from Lemhi Pass

We proceeded on at 8 o'clock along the valley for six miles, when the hills came more close on the branch, which here divides into three parts or other small branches, and two miles further the principal branch again forks, where the mountains commence with a thick grove of small pines on our left, and large rocks on our right.

Patrick Gass

Lemhi Pass

Sage brush, small pine trees, and barren hills at the bottom of Lemhi Pass

this evening I made a few of the men construct a sein of willow brush which we hawled and caught a large number of fine trout and a kind of mullet about 16 Inhes long which I had not seen before.

Meriwether Lewis

Longnose sucker, Catostomus catostomus

Lone narrow sucker fish

Photo from the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory anddownloaded from Wikipedia.