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Lewis and the Shoshone meet the men who are bringing the canoes up the river. They soon discover that Chief Cameahwait is the brother of Sacagawea. The men dragging the canoes feel very fortunate that Shoshone horses will soon be used.

the meeting of those people was really affecting, particularly between Sah cah-gar-we-ah and an Indian woman, who had been taken prisoner at the same time with her, and who had afterwards escaped from the Minnetares and rejoined her nation.

Meriwether Lewis

Sacajawea's Reunion at Camp Fortunate

Sketch of Lemhi Shoshoni, Lewis' group, and Clark's group meeting at Camp Fortunate

Interpretive sign at Camp Fortunate, Clark's Reservoir. Sketch by Don Greytak, 2003.

We now formed our camp just below the junction of the forks on the Lard. side in a level smooth bottom covered with a fine terf of green swoard. here we unloaded our canoes and arranged our baggage on shore; formed a canopy of one of our large sails and planted some willow brush in the ground to form a shade for the Indians to set under while we spoke to them, which we thought it best to do this evening.

Meriwether Lewis

Camp Fortunate

Illustration of Clark trading for horses

Photo: Interpretive sign at Camp Fortunate, Clark's Reservoir.

the Main Chief imedeately tied to my hair Six Small pieces of Shells resembling perl which is highly Valued by those people and is prcured from the nations resideing near the Sea Coast. we then Smoked in their fassion without Shoes and without much cerimoney and form.

William Clark

Clark Meets the Lemhi Shoshone

Illustration of Clark meeting the Lemhi Shoshone

Interpretive sign at Camp Fortunate, Clark's Reservoir. Drawing by Roger Cooke.