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Lewis and a large group of Shoshone travel over the Rocky Mountains to meet Clark who is bring the canoes up the Beaverhead River. The Shoshone are cautious and suspect they are being led into a trap.

From the journals...

towards evening we passed up a verry bad rockey rapid which was difficult to pass over. we were oblidged to waid and hale the canoes over the large rocks &C.

John Ordway

Beaverhead River below Camp Fortunate

Beaverhead River rapid

at the narrows I assended a mountain from the top of which I could See that the river forked near me the left hand appeared the largest & bore S. E.    the right passed from the West thro' an extensive Vallie, I could See but three Small trees in any Direction from the top of this mountain.

William Clark

Camp Fortunate

Roadside painting of the Beaverhead River forking at Camp Fortunate

Photo: Fire-damaged interpretive sign at Clark's Reservoir.