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When the Shoshone suspect a trap and refuse to help, Lewis challenges Cameahwait's bravery. The chief pleads with his people, and a group sets out over Lemhi pass to retrieve the Expedition's cargo. Clark nears the end of the Beaverhead.

At the entrance of the mountain there are two high pillars of rocks, resembling towers on each side of the river.

Patrick Gass

Beaverhead River at the Rattlesnake Cliffs

River valley narrowing between two hills

about sunset we reached the upper part of the level valley of the Cove which now called Shoshone Cove. the grass being birned on the North side of the river we passed over to the south and encamped near some willow brush about 4 miles above the narrow pass between the hills noticed as I came up this cove.

Meriwether Lewis

Lemhi Pass

Sage brush and pine forest on Lemhi Pass

Capt. Clark was near being bit by a rattle Snake which was between his legs as he was Standing on Shore a fishing. he killed & Shot Several others this afternoon.

Joseph Whitehouse

Beaverhead River below Clark's Reservoir

Sagebrush river valley