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Drouillard hunts with the Shoshoni and assesses the number and quality of their horses. Lewis seeks help from Cameahwait to bring the cargo over Lemhi pass. On the Beaverhead, Clark reprimands Charbonneau for striking Sacagawea.

We Encamped on the Lard Side near the place the river passes thro' the mountain. I checked our interpreter for Strikeing his woman at their Dinner.

William Clark

Beaverhead River at Rattlesnake Cliff

Rocky cliff and cottonwood trees

I saw several with spanish brands on them, and some mules which they informed me that they had also obtained from the Spaniards. I also saw a bridle bit of spanish manufactary, and sundry other articles which I have no doubt were obtained from the same source.

Meriwether Lewis


Dark brown mule

each warrior keep one ore more horses tyed by a cord to a take near his lodge both day and night and are always prepared for action at a moments warning. they fight on horseback altogether.

Meriwether Lewis

Lemhi Shoshone hogan

Dome-shaped brush shelter