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Lewis waves a red blanket to invite a Shoshone warrior to come him, but the warrior gallops away. Lewis camps at present Shoshone Cove hoping more Shoshone will arrive. Clark is on the Beaverhead River with the canoes at 3000 Mile Camp.

unloosing my blanket from my pack, I mad him the signal of friendship known to the Indians of the Rocky mountains and those of the Missouri, which is by holding the mantle or robe in your hands at two corners and then throwing up in the air higher than the head bringing it to the earth as if in the act of spreading it, thus repeating three times. this signal of the robe has arrisen from a custom among all those nations of spreading a robe or skin for ther gests to set on when they are visited. this signal had not the desired effect

Meriwether Lewis

Waving a red blanket

Drawing of Lewis waving a red blanket

come to a large prarie Island which three Thousand miles from wood River or from the Mouth of the Missourie. So we call it 3000 mile Island.

John Ordway

3000 Mile Camp

Grassy Beaverhead River valley

I observed Some bunches of Privey on the banks

William Clark

Mock orange, Philadelphus lewisii

white blossoms on a bush

we Saw high Mountains a head some distance    large Spots of Snow on them.

John Ordway

Rocky Mountains from Beaverhead Rock

Snow peaks showing purple in the early morning light