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Clark's group manages to move the canoes 13 miles up the Beaverhead River south of present Dillon. Lewis reaches the end of the Beaverhead River and turns west towards the continental divide in search of the Shoshone and their horses.

From the journals...

proceeded on the valley wider & covered with high Grass.
the River Small & amazeing crooked,
it is now gitting a Small Stream verry crooked and Shole in places, So that we have to wade and hall the canoes over.

John Ordway

Beaverhead River

Small river winding through a grassy valley

we proceeded on passed a remarkable Clift point on the Stard. Side about 150 feet high, this Clift the Indians Call the Beavers head

William Clark

Sunrise at Beaverhead Rock

Large rock reflecting red from the rising sun