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The men tow the canoes 8 miles up the Beaverhead River and camp south of the Ruby River in present Montana. Shannon is still missing and Clark's ankle, swollen from a poisonous bite several days ago, continues to bother him.

From the journals...

the Indian woman recognized the point of a high plain to our right which she informed us was not very distant from the summer retreat of her nation on a river beyond the mountains which runs to the west. this hill she says her nation calls the beaver's head from a conceived remblance of it's figure to the head of that animal.

Meriwether Lewis

Beaverhead Rock

Historic painting of Sacajawea pointing at Beaverhead Rock

Photo of an interpretive sign at the Beaverhead Rock wayside.

we encamped on the Lard side where there was but little timber were obliged to use willow brush for fuel; the rosebushes and bryers were very thick.

Meriwether Lewis

Beaverhead River

Small river in a wide, grassy valley