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At the end of the Jefferson River, the men rest and dry cargo . Reubin Field is sent to find Shannon who is still hunting up the Big Hole River. A canoe is left at the site and the Expedition travels 7 miles up the Beaverhead River.

a fine morning put out our Stores &c. to dry

William Clark

Beaverhead River valley sunrise

Muskrat swimming in a pond

the large biteing fly or hare fly as they sometimes called are very troublesome to us. I observe two kinds of them a large black species and a small brown species with a green head.

Meriwether Lewis

Deer Fly, Chrysops species and Horse fly, Tabanus species

Composite photos of a Deer fly and Horse fly

Deer fly: photo released to the public domain by Wikimedia user Pudding4brains.
Horse fly: photo ©2005 by Dennis Ray. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.5 License.

The river Jefferson above Wisdom is gentle Crooked and about 40 yards wide, Containing but little timber, Some few Cotton willow Willow & Birch, and the Srubs common to the countrey and before mentioned

William Clark

Twin Bridges, Montana

Grassy valley with mountains behind the river

all those Streams Contain emence number of Beaver orter Muskrats &c.

William Clark

Muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus

Muskrat swimming in a pond