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Drouillard finds Clark, and they turn back down the Big Hole River. One canoe rolls over hurting Whitehouse. A knapsack full of clothes, a powder horn, and other cargo are wet or lost. They join Lewis at the Jefferson River.

From the journals...

to examine, dry and arrange our stores was the first object; we therefore passed over to the lard. side opposite to the entrance of the rapid fork where there was a large gravly bar that answered our purposes; wood was also convenient and plenty. here we fixed our camp, and unloaded all our canoes and opened and exposed to dry such articles as had been wet.

Meriwether Lewis

Big Hole River

Rocky bars and shallow waters of the Big Hole River

In decending to the Point one Can[o]e Struck & turned on a rapid & Sunk, and wet every thing which was in her, this misfortune obliged us to halt at the forks and dry those articles, one other Canoe nearly turning over, filled half full of water & wet our medison & Some Goods Corn &c.

William Clark

Big Hole River

Rocky mountain stream