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Near today's Twin Falls, Clark misses Lewis' note telling him to take the middle fork. The men labor to move the canoes up the shallow and swift right fork— the Big Hole River. Lewis heads down the Beaverhead looking for Clark.

From the journals...

we passed thro a channel which was filled with willows and young cotton wood & brush, Some of which was fell across by the beaver. the currents So rapid we were oblidged to hall by the bushes, and Some places be out in the water where we could Scarsely kick our feet for the rapidity of the current. the party much fatigued and wish to go by land.

John Ordway

Beaver-felled cottonwood tree

Large cottonwood tree eaten by a beaver falling into the river

an old indian road very large and plain leads up this fork, but I could see no tracks except those of horses which appeared to have passed early in the spring.

Meriwether Lewis

Big Hole River

Rocky shores and shallow waters of the Big Hole River