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Gass and Charbonneau travel with Lewis by land, and Clark commandeers the pirogues up the Jefferson River. Camp is near present Sappington, Missouri. Lewis laments their shortage of meat and the men's propensity to waste it.

nothing killed today and our fresh meat is out. when we have a plenty of fresh meat I find it impossible to make the men take any care of it, or use it with the least frugallity. tho' I expect that necessity will shortly teach them this art.

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson River at Williams Bridge

Blue river in the Jefferson River valley

the bull rush & Cat-tail flag grow in great abundance in the moist parts of the bottoms

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson River valley near Willow, Montana

Large wetland full of cattails

the dryer situations are covered with fine grass, tanzy, thistles, onions and flax. the bottom land fertile and of a black rich loam....this grass is now so dry that it would birn like tinder.—

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson River bottom near Cardwell, Montana

Grassy meadow and barren, rocky hills

the uplands poor sterile and of a light yellow clay with a mixture of small smooth pebble and gravel, poducing prickley pears, sedge and the bearded grass in great abundance

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson River near Cardwell, Montana

Bleak hill with sage and rocks

towards evening the bottoms became much narrower and the timber much more scant. high hills set in close on the Lard. and the plain high waivy or reather broken on the Stard. and approach the river closely

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson River near Cardwell, Montana

Narrow river surrounded by canyon walls

we dined under a handsom Shady grove of cotton timber under the hills of the Mountains to our left which has heaps of Snow on the top & sides of it.

John Ordway

Tobacco Root Mountains

Snow-capped mountai