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Lewis continues up the Missouri River which is becoming increasingly shallow and rocky. Ahead, Clark arrives at the Three Forks of the Missouri. He takes the right-most fork camping near present Willow Creek. His feet continue to hurt.

middle fork is quit as large about 90 yds. wide. The South fork is about 70 yds wide & falls in about 400 yards below the midle fork.

William Clark

Gallatin River and Fort Rock

Small river winding around rock cliffs

a fine morning we proceeded on a fiew miles to the three forks of the Missouri those three forks are nearly of a Size, the North fork appears to have the most water and must be Considered as the one best calculated for us to assend

William Clark

Madison and Jefferson rivers

Channelled river in a broad valley

Great quantities of Currents, red, black, yellow, Purple, also Mountain Currents which grow on the Sides of Clifts; inferior in taste to the others haveing Sweet pineish flaver and are red & yellow, Choke Cheries, Boin roche, and the red buries also abound

William Clark

Golden currant, Ribes aureum

Small translucent, orange berries

these anamals appear now to have collected again is small herds several females with their young and one or two males compose the herd usually. if they happen accedentaly in the woodlands and are allarmed they run immediately to the plains, seeming to plaise a just confidence in their superior fleetness and bottom.

Meriwether Lewis

Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana

Two young pronghorn and four adult