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Clark leaves early on foot. After hunting with Drouillard, he camps near present Toston. Behind, the boats have difficulty poling the boats over the smooth stones of the Missouri River bottom. Lewis camps near Townsend, Montana.

passed a large creek on Lard. side 20 yds. wide which after meandering through a beautifull and extensive bottom for several miles nearly parallel with the river discharges itself opposite to a large cluster of islands which from their number I called the 10 islands and the creek Whitehous's Creek, after Josph. Whitehouse one of the party.

Meriwether Lewis

Townsend, Montana

Wide valley with cottonwood and grasses

I saw a black snake today about two feet long the Belly of which was as black as any other part or as jet itself. it had 128 scuta on the belley 63 on the tail.

Meriwether Lewis

Western hog-nosed snake, Heterodon nasicus

Head of a snake with an up-turned snout

Photo ©2006 by Dawson. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.5 License.

also much sign of the indians but all of ancient date. I saw the bull rush and Cattail flag today.

Meriwether Lewis

Bull rushes

Tall grassy stems