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Lewis climbs above the Missouri River to map its many islands, meanders, and islands which are now under the waters of present Canyon Ferry Lake. Sacagawea recognizes the area. Clark, with sore feet, joins Lewis south of Beaver Creek.

The Indian woman recognizes the country and assures us that this is the river on which her relations live, and that the three forks are at no great distance. this peice of information has cheered the sperits of the party who now begin to console themselves with the anticipation of shortly seeing the head of the missouri yet unknown to the civilized world.

Meriwether Lewis

Looking up the Missouri River

Wide valley with sage brush bisected by a large river

I passed over to the stard. shore where the country was higher and ascended the river to the entrance of a large creek which discharges itself into the Missouri on the Stard. side. it is composed of three pretty considerable creeks which unite in a beautifull and extensive vally a few miles before it discharges itself into the river.

Meriwether Lewis

Beaver Creek mouth

Gravelly shore and wide river valley

Saw many gees, crains, and small birds common to the plains, also a few phesants and a species of small curlooe or plover of a brown colour which I first met with near the entrance of Smith's river but they are so shy and watchfull there is no possibility of geting a shoot at them

Meriwether Lewis

Mountain plover, Charadrius montanus

Tan and white Mountain plover in a field of short brown grass

Photo ©2012 by Bill Bouton. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

the rose bush, small honesuckle, the pulpy leafed thorn, southernwood, sage Box alder narrow leafed cottonwood, red wod, a species of sumac are all found in abundance as well as the red and black goosberries, service berries, choke cherries and the currants of four distinct colours of black, yellow, red and perple.

Meriwether Lewis

Golden currant, Ribes aureum

Purple, yellow, red, and orange Golden Currants