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Clark, J. Fields, Potts, and York set out ahead of the boats in order to find the Shoshone. They find an Indian trail and see several Bighorn sheep. Lewis brings the canoes 21 miles up the Missouri River to Eagle rock at modern Holter Lake.

From the journals...

a fine morning   passed a Considerable river which falls in on the Stard Side and nearly as wide as the Missouri

William Clark

this handsome bold and clear stream we named in honour of the Secretary of war calling it Dearborn's river.—

Meriwether Lewis

Dearborn and Missouri rivers

Photograph of the Dearborn River before I-15 was built

Photo from a roadside sign showing the Dearborn River before I-15 changed this view.

I have observed for several days a species of flax growing in the river bottoms the leaf stem and pericarp of which resembles the common flax cultivated in the U' States....the seed are not yet ripe but I hope to have an opportunity of collecting some of them after they are so —— if it should on experiment prove to yeald good flax and at the same time admit of being cut without injuring the perennial root it will be a most valuable plant

Meriwether Lewis

Blue flax, Linum perenne var. lewisii

Wild Blue Flax with small blue flowers