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The Expedition travels about 20 miles against a gentle Missouri current camping near present, Cascade, Montana. Lewis and two men scout ahead. From Tower Tock, they can see extensive plains in one direction and mountains in the other.

we Came 20 miles this day and Camped near the entrence of the Rocky Mountain, which appear verry high & rocky. Some pine &C.

John Ordway

Missouri River below Tower Rock

Granite cliffs and high hills create a canyon for the Missouri River

at this palce there is a large rock of 400 feet high wich stands immediately in the gap which the missouri makes on it's passage from the mountains; it is insulated from the neighbouring mountains by a handsome little plain which surrounds it base on 3 sides and the Missouri washes it's base on the other, leaving it on the Lard. as it decends.

Meriwether Lewis

Tower Rock

Tower rock pinnacle of granite

at the distance of 8 mes. passed a small stream on which I observed a considerable quantity of aspin.

Meriwether Lewis

Quaking aspen, Populus tremuloides

Young Quaking aspen on the Missouri River

this rock I called the tower. it may be ascended with some difficulty nearly to it's summit, and from it there is a most pleasing view of the country we are now about to leave. from it I saw this evening immence herds of buffaloe in the plains below.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River viewed from Tower Rock

Wide Missouri River Valley viewed from Tower Rock

an Indian road enters the mountain at the same place with the river on the Stard side and continues along it's border under the steep clifts    these mountains appear to be only about 800 feet above the river and are formed almost entirely of a hard black grannite.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River above Tower Rock

High ridges and mountains