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The men have difficulty finding sufficient room for them and their baggage in the eight pirogues. They paddle about 20 miles up the calm Missouri River. On the way, they name the Smith River after the Secretary of the Navy.

we again crossed the river to the Stard. side and passed through a plain and struck the river at a Northwardly bend where there was timber    here we waited untill the canoes arrived by which time it was so late that we concluded to encamp for the night.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River south of Ulm, Montana

Cottonwood trees on the Missouri River

this stream meanders through a most lovely valley to the S. E. for about 25 miles when it enters the Rocky mountains and is concealed from our view. many herds of buffaloe were feeding in this valley.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River and Smith River valley

Wide, green Smith River Valley

a round mountain on our right abt. 10 miles appears inaxcessable we Call fort mountain.

William Clark

Square Butte

Square Butte towering over the Missouri River plain

on the banks of the river there are many large banks of sand much elivated above the plains on which they ly and appear as if they had been collected in the course of time from the river by the almost incessant S. W. winds; they always appear on the sides of the river opposite to those winds.—

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River sand dune

Large sand dune on the Missouri River

the prickly pear is now in full blume and forms one of the beauties as well as the greatest pests of the plains

Meriwether Lewis

Plains prickly pear, Opuntia macrorhiza

Pink and yellow prickly pear blossoms

the sunflower is also in blume and is abundant. this plant is common to every part of the Missouri from it's entrance to this place.

Meriwether Lewis

Common sunflower, Helianthus annuus

Small sunflower with bright yellow petals