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Not having enough canoes, the men move from Upper Portage Camp to Clark's canoe camp near present near Ulm, Montana in shifts. High winds detain the first shift so that those with Lewis must wait another day to leave.

From the journals...

I dispatch W Bratten (who cannot work he haveing a tumer rising on his finger) to meat the Canoes & bring from them two axes, which is necessary for the work at the perogues or Canoes, and is indespenceable

William Clark

Butterfly belt axe

Head of an old axe designed to be carried in a belt

From the private collection of Bud Clark.

I saw several very large grey Eagles today they are a half as large again as the common bald Eagle of this country.

Meriwether Lewis

Golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos

Large bird with brown, tan, and black feathers

Photo ©2007 Rocky. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.