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At Upper Portage Camp, rain prevents the iron boat skin covering from drying. Several men take the canoes down to the Great Falls of the Missouri to hunt. Lewis observes that the currants are ripe, but still not quite sweet.

From the journals...

the red and yellow courants are now ripe and abundant, they are reather ascid as yet

Meriwether Lewis

Currant bush, Ribes aureum

Currant bush with bright orange and red berries

There is a remarkable small fox which ascociate in large communities and burrow in the praries something like the small wolf but we have not as yet been able to obtain one of them; they are extreemly watchfull and take reffuge in their burrows which are very deep

Meriwether Lewis

Swift fox, Vulpes velox

Swift Fox sitting and gazing into the distance

Photo by B. Peterson of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.