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At Upper Portage Camp, Lewis worries about the sewing holes in the skins being sewn onto the frame of the iron boat. Gass visits the Great Falls and Giant Springs. Others are hunting buffalo in advance of leaving the area.

The current of the river looks so gentle and inviting that the men all seem anxious to be moving upward as well as ourselves.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River near Upper Portage Camp

Blue Missouri river flowing around an island

I fear I have committed another blunder also in sewing the skins with a nedle which has sharp edges these have cut the skin and as it drys I discover that the throng dose not fill the holes as I expected tho' I made them sew with a large throng for that purpose.

Meriwether Lewis

Sewing with leather

Leather thong threaded through large holes

The water tolerably clear and Soft in the river, Current jentle and bottoms riseing from the water; no appearance of the river riseing more than a few feet above the falls, as high up as we have yet explored. but few trees on the Std Side the grass is high and fine near the river.

William Clark

Upriver from Upper Portage Camp

Square-shaped butte behing a plain

the men not other ways directed are dressing Skins to make themselves mockinsons as they have wore them all out in the plains    one pair of good mockins will not last more than about 2 days. will ware holes in them the first day and patch them for the next.—

John Ordway

Sewing moccasins

Early 1800's scissors, awl, needle, and leather mocassins

A fine morning. I was so engaged with the boat, that I had not visited the falls. I therefore set out with one of the men to day for that purpose. I found the 2nd pitch the most beautiful, though not the highest. About a mile below the upper pitch, the largest and most beautful spring rises out of the bank of the Missouri on the south side that I ever beheld.

Patrick Gass

Sunrise below Black Eagle falls

Sunrise on the Missouri River at Black Eagle Falls