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The last of the heavy cargo is brought to Upper Portage Camp at present Great Falls, Montana. The iron boat frame is assembled and part of its covering is sewed into place. Another group hunts grizzly bears on a nearby island.

From the journals...

after our return, in moving some of the baggage we caught a large rat. I have frequently seen the nests of these rats in clifts of rocks and hollow trees but never before saw one of them.
they feed very much on the fruit and seed of the prickly pear; or at least I have seen large quantities of the hulls of that fruit lying about their holes and in their nests.

Meriwether Lewis

Bushy-tailed woodrat, Neotoma cinerea, Nest

Pack rat nest in a clump of Plains prickly pear

Photo published under the Creative Commons ShareAlike License by 'The Marmot from USA'.

the brush in that part of it where the bear frequent is an almost impenitrable thicket of the broad leafed willow; this brush we entered in small parties of 3 or four together and surched in every part. we found one only which made at Drewyer and he shot him in the brest at the distance of about 20 feet

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River Island near Upper Portage Camp

Missouri River island