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Clark's party spends the day portaging baggage and then rests the men at Upper Portage Camp. Several groups work on the iron boat: sewing the skin cover, setting up the tar works, and collecting wood for lashing.

From the journals...

at 3 P. M. Capt. Clark arrived with the party all very much fortiegued. he brought with him all the baggage except what he had deposited yesterday at the six mile stake, for which the party were too much fortiegued to return this evening. we gave them a dram and suffered them to rest from their labours this evening

Meriwether Lewis

Above Upper Portage Camp

Grassy plains and blue sky

the bear were about our camp all last night, we have therefore determined to beat up their quarters tomorrow, and kill them or drive them from their haunts about this place.

Meriwether Lewis

Grizzly bears, Ursus arctos horribilis

Two grizzly bears eating grass

Photo by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.