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At Upper Portage Camp south of present Great Falls, Montana, Lewis renders tallow and supervises the construction of the iron boat. Clark supervises the portage of the last of the cargo. Many men are sore from yesterday's hail.

This evening the bark was shaved and the leather covering for the sections were also completed and I had them put into the water, in order to toughen the bark, and prepare the leather for sewing on the sections in the morning. it has taken 28 Elk skins and 4 Buffaloe skins to complete her. the cross bars are also finished this evening; we have therefore only the way strips now to obtain in order to complete the wood work, and this I fear will be a difficult task.

Meriwether Lewis

Skinning the iron boat

Men working on covering the iron boat with skins

Photo of an interpretive sign at Upper Portage Camp.

a fair morning, I dispatch the party except 5 for the remaining baggage Scattered in the plains, two to hunt for meat, two to the falls, and one to Cook

William Clark

Sunrise near Upper Portage Camp

Cottonwoods and willows glowing in the early Missouri River light

the large goat sucker lays it's eggs in these open plains without the preperation of a nest    we have found their eggs in several instances

Meriwether Lewis

Common nighthawk, Chordeiles minor

Painting of one Common Nighthawk in flight and another nesting

Plates created by Louis Agassiz Fuertes circa 1912 and later reproduced in Birds of America (1917) by Thomas Gilbert Pearson (1873-1943) et al.

great numbers of buffalow in everry direction    I think 10000 may be Seen at one view

John Ordway

American buffalo, Bison bison

Small herd of grazing buffalo

Photo provided by the National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge.