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On their way across the portage, Clark's party visits the Great Falls. During a rain and hail storm, Sacajawea and Pomp are nearly swept away by a flash flood in a side stream. On the portage route, the men are bruised from the hail stones.

I continued my rout to the fountain which I found much as Capt. C; had discribed & think it may well be retained on the list of prodegies of this neighbourhood towards which, nature seems to have dealt with a liberal hand

Meriwether Lewis

Giant Springs

Yellow-flowering bush and small water fall created by a spring

I think this fountain the largest I ever beheld, and the hadsome cascade which it affords over some steep and irregular rocks in it's passage to the river adds not a little to it's beauty.

Meriwether Lewis

Giant Springs

Clear water running from a spring over reddish rocks

the water of this fountain is extreemly tranparent and cold; nor is it impregnated with lime or any other extranious matter which I can discover, but is very pure and pleasen

Meriwether Lewis

Giant Springs flowing into the Missouri River

Shallow waters running over flat rocks into a large river

the rain fell like one voley of water falling from the heavens and gave us time only to get out of the way of a torrent of water which was Poreing down the hill in the rivin with emence force tareing every thing before it takeing with it large rocks & mud, I took my gun & Shot pouch in my left hand, and with the right Scrambled up the hill pushing the Interpreters wife (who had her Child in her arms) before me, the Interpreter himself makeing attempts to pull up his wife by the hand much Scared and nearly without motion— we at length retched the top of the hill Safe where I found my Servent in Serch of us greatly agitated, for our wellfar—

William Clark

Gully with flood damage

A small gully with recent flood erosion