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While hunting above the portage, Drouillard and J. Field climb a tree to escape a charging Grizzly bear. The men returning to Lower Portage Camp encounter a rain and hail storm making the route slippery and muddy.

I came to the Spring which was the finest tasted water I ever Saw and the largest fountain which up through a ledge of rocks near the River and forces its way up about 10 feet for Some distance around then forms a fall in to the River.

John Ordway

Giant Springs

Large springs flowing over reddish flat rocks

The river beginning to rise a little the water is Coloured a redish brown, the Small Streams, discharges in great torrents, and partake of the Choler of the earth over which it passes—a great part of which is light & of a redish brown.

William Clark

Whitmore Ravine

Red and brown dirt and rocks in a steep ravine

it is clear as a cristal I could have Seen to the bottom of the fountain to pick up a pin. the water cold and pure. the Rocks green which the water run over.

John Ordway

Giant Springs

Green plants in very clear water