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The blunderbuss, food, specimens, and other goods are cached at the beginning of the portage near present Belt Creek. Two more canoes are hauled to Upper Portage Camp where Clark has prepared a dinner with suet dumplings.

The party set out very early from this place, and took with them two canoes and a second alotment of baggage consisting of Parched meal, Pork, powder lead axes, tools, bisquit, portable soupe, some merchandize and cloathing.

Meriwether Lewis

Belt Creek and Missouri River

Morning light on a large creek and Missouri River rapids

we Saw great numbers of buffalow on the plains in every direction. the plain appear to be black with them. Some antelope and Deer. the wolves pleanty.—

Joseph Whitehouse

Portage route

Painting of the men moving a large dugout canoe across the plain with a herd of buffalo in the background

From an interpretive sign at Upper Portage Camp wayside (altered).

Whitehouse one of them much heated and fortiegued on his arrivall dank a very hearty draught of water and was taken almost instanly extreemly ill. his pulse were very full and I therefore bled him plentifully from which he felt great relief. I had no other instrument with which to perform this opperation but my pen knife, however it answered very well.

Meriwether Lewis

Pen knife and canteen

Small pen knife laying on an empty copper canteen