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At the start of the portage, the remaining canoes and cargo are organized. The men carting a canoe arrive at the upper portage tired and wet. Gass and Shields have difficulty finding suitable wood needed to construct the iron-frame boat.

From the journals...

the wind blew Steady from the S. East. we hoisted a Sail in, the largest canoe which helped us much as 4 men halling at the chord with a harness. passed through high Smoth delightful plains.

Joseph Whitehouse

Sailing across the plains

Re-enactment of the portage by attaching a sail to a dugout canoe on a cart

Photo from an interpretive sign overlooking Rainbow Falls.

towards evening when we were within about 3 miles of the upper Camp, their came up of a Sudden a violent thunder Shower & rained a mazeing hard, for about 15 or 20 minutes, in which time the water Stood on the ground over our mockasons. our water being all gone and all the men thursty drunk harty out of the puddles.

Joseph Whitehouse

Plains along the portage route

Dry barren plain with a large pool of water