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Lewis organizes Upper Portage Camp just south of present Great Falls, Montana and also checks on the hunters at the Sun River. Clark returns to Lower Portage Camp, adjusting the route. Two more canoes are hauled up to the plain.

they are obliged to halt and rest frequently for a few minutes, at every halt these poor fellows tumble down and are so much fortiegued that many of them are asleep in an instant; in short their fatiegues are incredible; some are limping from the soreness of their feet, others faint and unable to stand for a few minutes, with heat and fatiegue, yet no one complains, all go with cheerfullness.

Meriwether Lewis

Portage at the Great Falls

Drawing of men moving a large dugout canoe up a hill

Drawing on an interpretive sign at Sulpher Spring.

This morning early I scelected a place for the purpose of constructing my boat near the water under some shady willows.

Meriwether Lewis

Sunrise near Upper Portage Camp

Calm Missouri River in golden light

the river is here about 80 yds. wide, is deep and but a moderate current. the banks low as those of the Missouri above the falls yet never appear to overflow.

Meriwether Lewis

Sun River

Muddy River with low banks