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The men at Lower Portage Camp carry cargo across present Belt Creek and up onto the plains. One canoe is also taken up, placed on a cart, and loaded with Lewis' cargo. Other men prepare skins to cover the iron boat.

From the journals...

This morning I employed the greater part of the men in transporting a part of the bagage over portage creek to the top of the high plain about three miles in advance on the portage. I also had one canoe carryed on truck wheles to the same place and put the baggage in it

Meriwether Lewis

Portage staging area

Drawing of men carrying baggage and a dugout canoe up Portage Hill

Drawing from a sign at the Portage Staging Area historical roadside attraction.

The growth of the neighbourhood what little there is consists of the broad and narrow leafed cottonwood, box alder, the large or sweet willow, the narrow and broad leafed willow. the sweet willow has not been common to the Missouri below this or the entrance of Maria's river

Meriwether Lewis

Peach-leaved willow, Salix amygdaloides

Willow trees and sage brush

Photo ©2003 by Matt Lavin. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.