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Clark spends the day setting stakes along the route that will be followed to haul the baggage and dugout canoes around the Great Falls of the Missouri. He joins Lewis in the evening, and the canoes are carried to Belt Creek.

I direct Stakes to be Cut to Stick up in the prarie to Show the way for the party to transport the baggage &c. &c.

William Clark

Clark surveys the portage

Drawing of Clark surveying and another member placing stakes along the Portage route

Drawing on an interpretive sign at the Portage Staging Area.

the Canoes Capt. Lewis had Carried up the Creek 1¾ mile to a good place to assend the band & taken up.

William Clark

Portage Hill

Small creek bending away from a walkable slope

my object is if possible while we have now but little to do, to lay in a large stock of dryed meat at this end of the portage to subsist the party while engaged in the transportation of our baggage &c

Meriwether Lewis

Bison jerky

Tangle of Bison jerky strips