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On his way to Clark's camp below the planned portage of the Great Falls, Lewis finds a sulfur spring with very clear water. He ferries across the Missouri to join Clark, and he becomes very concerned with Sacagawea's health.

this spring is situated about 200 yards from the Missouri on the N. E. side nearly opposite to the entrance of a large creek; the water is as transparent as possible strongly impregnated with sulpher

Meriwether Lewis

Sulfur Spring

Small pond with very clear water

The 2 men despatched to examine the Portage gave an unfavourable account of the Countrey, reporting that the Creek & 2 deep reveens cut the Prarie in such a manner between the river and mountain as to render a portage in their oppinion for the Canoes impossible—

William Clark

Plains above the Great Falls of the Missouri

Grassy plain extending to the horizon

in the bottoms is a great quantity of flax growing all in blue blossoms &C.

John Ordway

Blue flax, Linum lewisii

Flower with blue petals

Photo ©2009 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.