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Lewis scouts ahead, but when stomach pains prevent him from eating his fresh killed elk, he stops for the day near present Fort Benton. Goodrich uses the time to fish. Clark continues to bury unneeded cargo at the Marias River.

at 8 A. M. I swung my pack, and set forward with my little party. proceeded to the point where Rose River a branch Maria's River approaches the Missouri so nearly.

Meriwether Lewis

Vimy Ridge

Barren ridge reflected on calm Missouri River water

©2016 Sharon Erickson. Used with permission.

having brought no medecine with me I resolved to try an experiment with some simples; and the Choke cherry which grew abundanly in the bottom first struck my attention; I directed a parsel of the small twigs to be geathered striped of their leaves, cut into pieces of about 2 Inches in length and boiled in water untill a strong black decoction of an astringent bitter tast was produced; at sunset I took a point [pint] of this decoction and abut an hour after repeated the dze by 10 in the evening I was entirely releived from pain and in fact every symptom of the disorder forsook me; my fever abated, a gentle perspiration was produced and I had a comfortable and refreshing nights rest.

Meriwether Lewis

Vimy Ridge from Rowe Bench

Skinny ridge separating the Missouri River and Teton River valley

we put in the Carsh or hole 1 keg of powder 1 bar led, 1 keg flour 1 keg pork 2 kegs parchcd meal the bellowses & tools augur plains Saw &c Some tin cups a dutch oven, a corn hand mill, packs of beaver, bear Skins horns Buffalow Robes &c. &c.

Joseph Whitehouse

Decision Point sunrise

Missouri River bend at sunrise

Goodrich who is remarkably fond of fishing caught several douzen fish of two different species— one about 9 inches long of white colour round and in form and fins resembles the white chub common to the Potomac;

Meriwether Lewis

Sauger, Sander canadensis

Thin, red fish with large fins

Photo by Duane Raver of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Goodrich who is remarkably fond of fishing caught several douzen fish of two different species....the latter kind are much the best, and do not inhabit muddy water;

Meriwether Lewis

Goldeye, Hiodon alosoide

Small, silver fish

Photo by the Government of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.