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At Decision Point, the men continue to abandon extra or unneeded cargo so that they can continue up the Missouri River. The red pirogue, their largest boat, is hidden on an island. Sacagawea is very sick.

we drew up the red perogue into the middle of a small Island at the entrance of Maria's river, and secured and made her fast to the trees to prevent the high floods from carrying her off

Meriwether Lewis

Mouth of the Marias River

River island with brush and trees

put my brand on several trees standing near her, and covered her with brush to shelter her from the effects of the sun.

Meriwether Lewis

Branding iron

Square branding iron with the text US Capt. M. Lewis

we now scelected the articles to be deposited in this cash which consisted of 2 best falling axes, one auger, a set of plains, some files, blacksmiths bellowses and hammers Stake tongs &c. 1 Keg of flour, 2 Kegs of parched meal, 2 Kegs of Pork, 1 Keg of salt, some chissels, a cooper's Howel, some tin cups, 2 Musquets, 3 brown bear skins, beaver skins, horns of the bighorned anamal, a part of the men's robes clothing and all their superfluous baggage of every discription, and beaver traps.

Meriwether Lewis

Beaver traps

An assortment of beaver traps on a black bear skin

Items provided by Hog Heaven Muzzle Loaders.

I saw a small bird today which I do not recollect ever having seen before. it is about the size of the blue thrush or catbird, and it's contour not unlike that bird.

Meriwether Lewis

Loggerhead shrike, Lanius ludovicianus

Small grayish bird

Photo created by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.