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Clark returns to the main party at the confluence of the Missouri and Marias rivers. Lewis builds rafts to descend the Marias River, but the rafts are too small to be safe. They abandon their elk skins and hike 25 miles down the river.

nothing remarkable had transpired at camp in my absence

William Clark

Missouri River near the mouth of the Marias River

Sage and cottonwoods on the Missouri River banks

I also observed wind [wild] Tanzey on this little river in great quantities

William Clark

Marias River bottom

Marias River bottom with bright yellow flowers and cottonwood trees

my Self and party much fatigued haveing walked Constantly as hard as we Could march over a Dry hard plain, dcending & assending the Steep river hills & gullies

William Clark

Marias River plains and gullies

Large gullies in the Montana plain