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The Expedition sets out early and leaves the Missouri River Breaks. Lewis begins collecting hides to cover the iron boat. When a Grizzly bear pursues, Charbonneau hides and Drouillard kills it. They camp at the mouth of the Marias River.

We embarked early in a fine morning. The hills come close on the river, but are not so high nor so broken, as we found them a short distance lower down.

John Ordway

Spring Coulee and Missouri River

Barren hills on a cloudy and rainy day

I walked on shore most of the day with some of the hunters for that purpose and killed 6 Elk 2 buffale 2 Mule deer and a bear. these anamals were all in good order we therefore took as much of the meat as our canoes and perogues could conveniently carry. the bear was very near catching Drewyer; it also pursued Charbono who fired his gun in the air as he ran but fortunately eluded the vigilence of the bear by secreting himself very securely in the bushes untill Drewyer finally killed it by a shot in the head; the shot indeed that will conquer the farocity of those tremendious anamals.—

Meriwether Lewis

Above Boggs Island, Morning Camp

Green grass and sagebrush on a gentle sloping hill

This forenoon we passed two creeks, one on each side, and several islands covered with cotton wood; but there is not a stick of timber to be seen any where upon the hills.

Patrick Gass

Sixmile Coulee

A small muddy stream flowing into a large muddy river

in the course of the day we passed 9 Islands all of them small and most of them containing some timber.—

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River Islands at Churchill Bend

Small islands on a rainy day

we came too on the Lard. side in a handsome bottom of small cottonwood timber opposite to the entrance of a very considerable river

Meriwether Lewis

Opposite the Marias River

Cottonwoods on a Missouri River meander deposit