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During the night, a buffalo tramples through their encampment near the Judith River. In the morning, they continue up the Missouri passing an area with many rotting buffalo carcasses. They camp near present Arrow Creek.

This morning we set out at an early hour and proceded as usual by the Chord.

Meriwether Lewis

First Light at Judith Landing

Moon shining on the Missouri River

passed a handsome river which discharged itself on the Lard. side....Cap. C who assended this R. much higher than I did has call it Judieths River.

Meriwether Lewis

Judith River entering the Missouri River

Small river coming into the Missouri River

at 6 ½ miles passed a considerable rapid at which place the hills approach near the river on both Sides

John Ordway

Deadman Rapids

High flowing Missouri River covering a mild rapid

today we passed on the Stard. side the remains of a vast many mangled carcases of Buffalow which had been driven over a precipice of 120 feet by the Indians and perished; the water appeared to have washed away a part of this immence pile of slaughter and still their remained the fragments of at least a hundred carcases they created a most horrid stench.

Meriwether Lewis

Cliffs across from Slaughter River (Arrow Creek)

White cliffs above the Missouri River

fixed our camp and gave each man a small dram. notwithstanding the allowance of sperits we issued did not exceed ½ pn. [X: jill] man several of them were considerably effected by it; such is the effects of abstaining for some time from the uce of sperituous liquors; they were all very merry.—

Meriwether Lewis

Half a gill

Small copper cup half full of whiskey