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The Expedition continues towing and poling the canoes against an increasingly dangerous Missouri River current. They find an Indian foot ball floating down the river. They camp near the Judith River.

here the hills recede from the river on both sides, the bottoms extensive particularly on the Stard. side where the hills are comparitively low and open into three large vallies which extend for a considerable distance in a Northwardly direction; here also the river spreads to more than 3 times it's former width and is filled with a number of small and handsome Islands covered with cottonwood some timber also in the bottoms, the land again fertile. These appearances were quite reviving after the drairy country through which we had been passing.

Meriwether Lewis

Judith Landing Valley

Wide Missouri River valley seen from the air

a Cloudy morning Some fiew drops of rain and verry Smokey wind from the S. W.    we Set out at an early hour, the Shoaley places are verry numerous and Some bad to get around

William Clark

Missouri River at Judith Landing

Missouri River sandbar at Judith Landing

our ropes are but slender, all of them except one being made of Elk's skin and much woarn, frequently wet and exposed to the heat of the weather are weak and rotten; they have given way several times in the course of the day but happily at such places that the vessel had room to wheel free of the rocks and therefore escaped injury;

Meriwether Lewis

Elk hide rope

Rope made from twisted elk hide

Elk hide rope provided by John Fisher of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri.