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After an icy morning, a tail wind enables the Expedition to sail 25 miles up the Missouri. The cottonwood trees lose their leaves from the recent frosts. Game becomes harder to find. They camp west of the US Highway 191 bridge in Montana.

From the journals...

a Cold night the water in the Small vestles frosed 1/8 of an inch thick, and the thermometer Stood this morning at the freesing point. we Set out at an early hour and proceeded on

William Clark

Missouri River morning

Rain storm passing over the Missouri River in the early morning

Photo: July 25, 2013 at James Kipp Recreation Area.

this we called South Mountain creek as from it's direction it appeared to take it's rise in a range of Mountains lying in a S. Westerly direction from it's entrance distant 50 or 60 m.

Meriwether Lewis

Arnells Creek near its mouth at the Missouri River

Sagebrush valley and creek after a large flood