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The morning is icy as the Expedition continues up the Missouri River. The mosquitos are bothersome. Clark walks on shore and sees the Little Rocky Mountains in the distance. They camp east of present James Kipp Recreation Area.

a Mountain which appears to be 60 or 70 miles long bearing E. & W. is about 25 miles distant from this river on the Stard Side.

John Ordway

Little Rocky Mountains

Distant mountain range-the Little Rockies

this I beleive to be the case with many of those creekes which we have passed since we entered this hilley country, the water is absorbed by the earth near the river and of course appear dry; they afford but little water at any rate, and that is so strongly impregnated with these salts that it is unfit for uce; all the wild anamals appear fond of this water; I have tryed it by way of experiment & find it moderately pergative, but painfull to the intestens in it's opperation.

Meriwether Lewis

Musselshell River near Ryegate, Montana

Small river trickling into the ground

Photo ©2010 Big Sky fishing, Montana. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

just above the entrance of Teapot Creek on the stard. there is a large assemblage of the burrows of the Burrowing Squirrel    they generally seelect a south or a south Easterly exposure for their residence, and never visit the brooks or river for water; I am astonished how this anamal exists as it dose without water

Meriwether Lewis

Prairie dog, Cynomys ludovicianus

Brown rodent on dry ground

Photo created by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.