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The Expeditions travels seven miles up the Missouri reaching the southern tip of present UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge in Montana. They name one stream Blowing Fly Creek, one the Musselshell River, and another is named Sacagawea River.

muscle Shell River falls in on Lard Side 2270 miles up    Contains a greater perportion of water than Rivers of its Size below, I measured it and find it to be 110 yards wide, the water of a Greenish yellow Colour, and appers to be navagable for Small Craft

William Clark

Musselshell River

Small river with green riparian area

Photo ©2010 Big Sky Fishing, Montana. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

passed the entrance of a large Creek, affording but little water; this stream we named Blowing Fly Creek, from the immence quantities of those insects found in this neighbourhood, they infest our meat while roasting or boiling, and we are obliged to brush them off our provision as we eat.

Meriwether Lewis

Venison, yellowjacket, and fly

Raw meat with a yellowjacket and fly

Thanks to John Toenyes and Phil Scriver, authors of Edge of Survival, for staging this photo.

immence number of the prickley pears in the plains and on the hills

Meriwether Lewis

Plains prickly pear, Opuntia polyacantha

Low plant with spiked green lobes